Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Redefining Domestic Abuse

Abuse Defined | The National Domestic Violence Hotline
HB 2425: Redefining Domestic Abuse

Amends the definition of "domestic abuse" under Hawaii's insurance laws and laws relating to domestic abuse protective orders to include coercive control between family or household members.  Defines "coercive control".

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  1. Its all business in commerce, Public Law, when a couple gets married they married the State, the words 'Coercive Control' BEING COMPELLED AND CONTROLLED 'Domestic Abuse' is for Commerce business, used for adhesion contracts, 14th amendment citizens, trustee surety debtor, and destruction of the family, and destruction of the Mans role as father, Executor, after they trick the mother to signing birth certificate as informer losing rights communicated in the Bible, Torah, Quran.